Cheap Auto Insurance Houston

Finding cheap auto insurance in Houston is always irritating. There are a large variety of plans that have different combinations of coverage, and it’s hard to know what will suit you best. In addition, you face the problem of trying to save money on your monthly premiums. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for auto insurance, so finding ways to lower the cost is on everyone’s mind.

Common Discounts

Most people know that if you buy auto, home, and life insurance from the same carrier, then you will get a bundle discount on all of them. However, you might not want to do that if you do not like all of the plans that company offers. Instead, you should consider asking about the special discounts for safety and security features. Every state insurance regulator has a list of features on your car that entitle you to special discounts. These include anything from the number and type of air bags and antilock brakes to lane shift assistance and collision detection. Technology so common it is standard on every car can get you a discount, and so can the latest cutting-edge safety tools. However, you do have to ask your carrier to make sure they are actually applying the discount to your plan properly. While each individual discount might not be worth much, they can really ad up if you accumulate enough of them, and all you need to do is call your provider, such as, to find out the cheap auto insurance in Houston that your vehicle’s features can get you.

Driver Discounts

Because they want to attract safe drivers to use their plan, almost every auto insurance carrier has a program or system to give extra discounts to safe drivers. The most common way to measure safe drivers is by whether they have gotten into accidents and made insurance claims in the past. Insurance companies will therefore take your past record into account when deciding how much to charge you for a plan. If you get into very few accidents, then you are likely to enjoy lower deductibles and premiums. Some auto insurance companies have begun using special devices that plug into your car and record things like how fast you stop, how tightly you turn, how fast you accelerate, and other measurable. The idea is that this device helps a company learn who is a safe driver, and then the company can charge those people less money. The downside to only measuring accidents is that they are often the fault of two drivers, not just one. It is very hard to tell where the fault lies and that means insurance companies cannot treat your history of accidents as the best possible way to tell if you will file a claim with them.

It’s Worth It

Signing up to have a device put into your car, bundling different insurance policies, or going through a list of safety features over the phone might not sound like a good way to spend your time, but the discounts can add up. Some of the bigger ones are worth more than 10 percent each, meaning that it is very easy to gain massive discounts. In other words, if you work for it, cheap auto insurance in Houston is within reach.

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